World Doubles Collegiate Scholarship Fund Silent Auction

The goal of the event is to raise at least $10,000 in scholarship funds to assist young athletes who play racquetball at the collegiate level. We will have a silent auction to benefit the scholarship fund. If you would like to donate to the auction please email


Auction items must have value of at least $50—(gift certificates, equipment, vacation homes etc)
All who donate will be entered in a drawing for a VIP pass ($350 value)

VIP and Seating info

VIP passes are $350 for the week. (12 meals, 35 matches, VIP reception)

Behind the court bleachers ( these are the best seats )—$350 ( INCLUDES VIP)

Top of court—Backwall —$275 (VIP)—$175-NO HOSPITALITY

Top of court-SIdewall—    $250 (VIP)-  $150-NO HOSPITALITY 

Become a VIP by emailing or just click the button on the info page.


Players, sponsors  and spectators may sign up to have a 1/2 hour experience with one of the nations top pros. The player may request the pro to give them a 1/2 hour lesson, play for 1/2 hour or just pick the pros brain for  1/2 hour or a combination of any of the options.

Each participant will also receive a special Pro/Am signed shirt and a photo with the pro.

All proceeds from the Pro/Am go to the National Collegiate Scholarship Fund.

Fee is $250 and limited to 12 participants .


Cinco De Mayo themed party on Saturday night!  

Free to all participants 

Downtown at the Back East Bar (two blocks from the hotel and club)

Prize Money

LPRT $12,000

1st - $2,968.80

2nd - $1,648.80

semi - $948.00

1/4's - $499.20

16’s - $286.20 

IRT $15,000

1st - $4,200

2nd - $3,000

semi - $2,100

1/4's - $900

Mixed Pro $6,000

1st - $1,680

2nd - $1,200

semi - $840

1/4's - $360

Women's Open*

1st - $500

2nd - $300

semi - $100

* dependent on 8 teams registered

Men's Open*

1st - $500

2nd - $300

semi - $100

* dependent on 16 teams registered

Age Groups 35, 45, 55, 65*, Centurion**

1st - $300

2nd - $150

semi - $75 (Centurion semi - $50)

*men - 12 teams/women - 8 teams) 

**Centurion - 8 teams min)


Mandatory use of protective lensed eyewear tested to ASTM F803 or CSA impact standards.  

All divisions will play with USAR rules with the following exceptions:
1. The server and his partner may leave the service box immediately after the server contacts the ball.
2. Timeouts— 2 timeouts of one minute each in games to 15, and 1 timeout of 1 minute in the tiebreaker
3.  Use lines judges for the semis and finals. Two appeals in each game.
Each referee will have a stopwatch. Each team will have 7 minutes to warm up . All matches will be monitored by an event official who will enforce the warm-up rules. It is important that all players know the procedure and be dressed and ready to go at the time their match is called.  

All divisions, except ladies, will use the ProPenn HD (purple) ball, the official ball of the IRT, LPRT to use Pro Penn Green. Consolation will not be offered due to court time restrictions. Every match played in all divisions will be entered in the USA Racquetball’s ranking system.